Benefits of SIM Only Contracts

SIM only deals are all the rage today. It is an excellent way to get a mobile contract without actually being forced to pick a new phone if you don’t need it. Here are some good reasons to consider a SIM only contract.

Easy to Qualify for

One good reason to apply for a mobile contract that is handset-free is that it is very easy to obtain, even for someone with imperfect credit. Without the phone to give away, there is very little, if any, risk on the provider’s part, as there is no handset cost for them to recover.

Easy on the Budget

Likewise, without a device included, you only need to worry about paying your monthly usage. Most of the time, SIM only tariffs are also offered at about half the cost of your regular mobile rates.

Easy to Opt Out from

Again, as you don’t have to spread the repayments for a handset, you don’t need to subscribe for a full two-year contract. While SIM only deals still require some form of lock-in period, the commitment terms are much shorter, usually ranging between three and six months, after which you can easily opt out from the service. In fact, you can even get a term for as short as 30 days, and just renew afterwards.